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They took six years of his life . . . 

He plans to take the rest of theirs. 

In one near-fatal moment, Edward Dalton’s future turns from medical school and the girl of his dreams to fighting for survival.

Intentionally run off the road and left for dead, Edward finds himself deep in the Appalachian Mountains, battling wildlife and starvation. When survival looks doubtful, he is ready to finish what his enemies started: end his life.

But then a discovery gives him the strength to continue—and the means to exact revenge. After six years, Edward emerges from his wilderness isolation with a single thought: Make them suffer like I have. 

As he methodically plots his revenge, Edward discovers his rivals have lived charmed lives at the expense of others. To pay them back, he must navigate a world of corrupt politicians, sex traffickers, and murderers.

But when unsuspecting victims become entangled in the web of crime and revenge, can he sacrifice years of plotting—and his entire life purpose—to protect the innocent?

A modern-day twist on The Count of Monte Cristo, this page-turner shows just how awry the best-laid traps can go.

The Best Laid Traps Signed Copy

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